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Purchasing Bitcoin in Salzburg, Austria without registering your phone number

Author: LB 2020-09-09 223

One of the best ATMs I have found so far are in Austria. There are a few locations in Vienna with Bitcoin ATMs where you can buy Bitcoins for cash and you can also sell your cryptocurrencies for cash. I was interested whether there are other cities in Austria with Bitcoin ATMs and it turned out that Salzburg does have these machines too. Alright, let's see the details.

Salzburg is a picturesque city in West-Austria, not too far away from the German border. The city is connected with train lines to South-Germany and to the capital, Vienna as well. You can not only find Bitcoin ATMs in this city, but you will be astounded by how beautiful its architecture is. Well, this is not too important this time, so let's focus on the machines.

It was not easy for me to locate the first machine in the city, because Google Maps does not tell us too much about these Bitcoin ATMs so I had to use to find the actual address.

This Bitcoin ATM, operated by Kurant is not far from the main train station in Salzburg. My train from Vienna arrived at this station so it was very convenient for me to go and check out the first device. You can use the following embedded Google Maps to look up the place:

You can use this map and visit the shopping mall, which looks like this:

A Bitcoin ATM in Salzburg.

It is very easy to use the machine and you have to operate it as you would do it in Budapest, Prague or Vienna. The machine supports the following cryptos:

The cryptocurrencies supported by this Bitcoin ATM.

So the first step will be to purchase Bitcoins using this Bitcoin ATM:

Purchasing Bitcoin in Salzburg.

The Terms and Conditions are in German, and as my German is pretty limited I did not understand too much of this, but I guess the 6% in the text supposed to me the commission deducted by the machine.

Terms and Conditions.

If you are using a Bitcoin ATM in Budapest you have to register your phone number according to the local regulations. When you are in Austria, this step is optional. Namely, you can register your phone number and the operator would send you a short message notifying you of the completed transaction. I don't think this is necessary, because you can always check the status of your transaction using a blockchain explorer.

As always, you have to use the upper limit of your transaction:

Specifying the upper limit of the transaction.

And you have to scan your digital wallet's QR code:

You should scan your QR code here.

And this is how you insert your banknotes into the Bitcoin ATM:

Inserting money into the machine.

The machine should detect you money and it should display the following screen:

Money successfully detected.

And finally, it should print a receipt like this:

The receipt from the Bitcoin ATM in Austria.

And this is how the receipt looks like:

The receipt.

I had to wait something like 30 minutes from this point, and I found this a little bit strange, because previously all my transactions were almost instant.

By the way, you can go wander around the city, drink a coffee or try some local food while you are waiting. I have always received my coins, so don't worry.

Alright, that's it for today. I hope I could convince you of the convenience of these machines in Austria. Stay tuned for the next post.

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